"I have incorporated the THERA-GLOVES® into the treatment plan of patients of patients with cumulative trauma disorders. In all cases the THERA-GLOVES® were reported to relieve the pain associated with CTD..... THERA-GLOVES® helped to reduce edema associated with inflammation which in turn helps to decrease pain. As an Occupational Therapist, who specializes in hand therapy, I understand the need to provide comfort and relief in order to facilitate a return to function. I feel that the THERA-GLOVES® when indicated, is the appropriate tool for the job.
Daniel C. Stanley, OTR
Hand Therapist
"Our experience to date with the gloves has been very good in terms of quality of construction and availability. The gloves are still used primarily by employees involved in data entry, word processing, and other key boarding tasks. Several individuals have stated that the gloves did help relieve wrist and hand discomfort, while some individuals with diagnosed CTS problems experienced relief from their symptoms. I expect Thera- Gloves® will remain as an element of our program to prevent repetitive task injuries."
Robert V. Smith
Safety Director
"We have patients who come to our practice suffering from various forms of arthritis in their hands. The compression gloves are prescribed to be worn to decrease the inflammation of the affected joints. Our experience has been that Thera-Gloves provide significant relief to the patients who use them."
Christine J., M.D.,
Hand Surgeon
"I bought my first pair today, hoping for some pain relief from osteoarthritis. What a difference! It’s exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much."
Maryann H.,
Northwest Territories, Canada
"Two months ago, I received a pair of Thera-Gloves from you because I had mentioned that I felt I was suffering from hand pain. At first I was a bit doubtful of what these gloves could do for me, but time proved me wrong. By wearing these gloves the pains in my hands have subsided."
Dolores J.,
Milton, New York
"I ordered a pair a long time ago from QVC. I need another pair. I wear them to work every day. I have arthritis in my hands and the gloves have helped me tremendously. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much."
Henry U.,
Roanoke, VA
Thank you for selling me a pair of your “magic” Thera-Gloves. I have worn them for some time now and I will always refer to them as “magic.” I cannot believe how much relief they give me from the pain in my hand and wrist. They are part of my wardrobe now and I am referring your wonderful gloves to just everyone."
Cornwall, NY
"Once again I am ordering another pair of Thera-Gloves. I have found them so indispensable that I need a pair to wear under my gardening and rubber gloves at home."
Julie S.,
Seattle, WA
"Since I started wearing Thera-Gloves I can sleep at night, I can write my name and hold my coffee cup. They don’t look like there’s much to them, but they are certainly a blessing to me."
Beatrice L.,
Newton, KS